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Hemp Processing Services:

We offer a full range of premium hemp processing services:
*Pre-extraction preparation of dried biomass (stripping stems and seed removal)
All of our services can be fully customized to fit your desired end product, so you can pick and choose only the services you need. As we do with all of our products, rest assured we will handle your materials according to our stringent protocols – testing them at multiple stages of the manufacturing process to ensure potency and purity. WE GUARANTEE IT!
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Hemp Stripping and Seed Removal

If you have dried hemp material in any form, we can remove stems and seeds in multiple steps. The first step is stem removal, where dried whole plants are stripped of flowers, leaves, seeds and small stems.  This material is placed in a supersack which can then be run through the seed separator.  Once the seeds are removed, the biomass is ready for extraction and will be loaded into mesh filtration socks.


We extract our CBD oil using the cryogenic alcohol extraction method, using food grade ethyl alcohol, also known as ethanol. Ethanol is a natural solvent made by plant by-products and the advantages of this technique are many.  Ethanol can extract all chemicals from the plant as opposed to CO2 extraction, which can only extract oil-soluble chemicals, and ethanol extraction eliminates the need for dewaxing or winterization. This ensures that we not only get the most out of the hemp flowers in both quantity and quality terms, but our end product is cleaner and purer.


We distill the hemp crude oil to produce high-quality full spectrum distillate.

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