In layman’s terms, CBD delivers all of the benefits of marijuana without making the user high.  The positive effects that are brought on using CBD can be particularly welcoming to seniors.

Because CBD is extracted from the hemp plant (a “cousin” to the marijuana plant), seniors can take advantage of the medical benefits afforded by the extract without the head or body sensation often associated with marijuana. Additionally, seniors have the option of delivering CBD to their bodies in forms more familiar, rather than inhaling smoke. CBD is an oil extract and therefore can be added to things like topical gels, tinctures and edible products and can be found in quality stores and Native Hemp Roots distributors across the country including:  Luxemburg Pharmacy, 125 Schoolhouse Road, Luxemburg, WI and Native Roots Hemp Headquarters at 219 Steele Street, Algoma, WI (

In many cases, these derivatives of cannabis can reduce or even replace the use of harmful and addictive prescription drugs. While this information is only now making its way into the mainstream, the natural consequence is, seniors drop their prejudices, face the reality and turn to the treatment of their minor and major age-related diseases using hemp.

Here are 8 reasons why CBD should become a regular part of every seniors’ health routine as they age.

1.  Pain Relief

It has long been known that cannabis is a pain reliever to the same extent as, perhaps even better, prescription medication. For instance, clinical studies have proved that Marijuana is very effective in decreasing arthritis and nerve pain. Handmade, medical, boutique-style creams are the effective cure of different muscles and joint pains.

2.  Bone Health

Hemp could provide a great need for the elderly as it relates to bone fragility. According to a study, cannabis use can help heal fractures and support healthier bones. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, hemp can be very useful for patients with multiple sclerosis.

3.  Soothing Effects

Although CBD is known for its soothing effects on senior consumers, it promotes the feeling of energy and acts against inertia. This is because CBD strengthens cells in the human body and contributes to complete regeneration.

In addition, CBD is an antioxidant that promotes the sense of vigilance that can be disturbed by the presence of free radicals. A study shows that cannabidiol from hemp has stronger antioxidant properties than Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

4.  Fights Glaucoma

There has been growing research that supports a link between hemp and the treatment of glaucoma. Glaucoma, which is a neurodegenerative disease (the breakdown of neurons in the communication process from the brain to the body), affects the sight of individuals from an increase in pressure in the eye known as intraocular pressure (IoP). Going back decades, there is supporting evidence that cannabinoids can reduce IoP by up to 25%, however the required dosage of inhalation of full THC cannabis has posed a risk to some patients. However, due to the accompanying symptoms of glaucoma, CBD as a pain management product works well, and may have the added benefit of helping reduce pressure.

5.  Insomnia and Sleep Issues

The older we get, the more difficult it is to achieve sustained periods of deep sleep. During the deep sleep phases, our brain regenerates and is freed from toxic substances, which were produced by the body itself. Therefore, sleep quality is also of immense importance to prevent age-related neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease or glaucoma. Frequently, elderly people are prescribed sleeping pills, which have a great potential for dependency and a wide range of unpleasant side effects. CBD can help in the extension of the deep sleep phase and the reduction of the lighter sleeping phases.

6.  Alternative to Prescription Medications

The number of seniors who use daily prescription drugs grows each year unnecessarily and continuously, according to some medical professionals. Pharmaceutical companies present our government with one of the largest lobbying groups in the country, to promote the effectiveness and stability provided by their products. However, prescription drugs can be extremely dangerous for its users, and can be responsible for organ damage, tissue damage, drug addiction and even death.

 In comparison, hemp is a safe alternative to prescription drugs, coming with fewer side effects and lower addictive traits. This benefit is heightened with CBD and in fact has been used to combat addiction to prescription drugs. Neither deaths nor overdoses have been documented, which are related to hemp.

7.  Stimulates Appetite

A general, dangerous health hazard among older citizens is the loss of appetite, which causes weight loss, tissue weakness, and mental issues. While marijuana has been extensively researched, and shown to improve the appetite of users, CBD likewise has proven to be a good appetite stimulant and thus helpful for seniors.

8.  Alzheimer’s and Dementia

An emerging trend that is being researched is could CBD prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. According to multiple studies, cannabinoids, and by extension CBD, can contribute to the elimination of a toxic protein related to this disease. This is triggered by a loss of inflammation of the brain and regeneration of damaged cells. Taken from: Senior

What to look for in a quality oil:                      

Here are the top things you should know:

  1. Make sure the seller has a Certificate of Analysis with an overall  total % cannabinoids of at least 60% with 10% of those being minor cannabinoids if possible:  CBDa, CBG, CBN, etc.
  2. Look for :  Full Spectrum Distillate to ensure the full plant and all cannabinoids are included
  3. Ensure just 2-3 ingredients (CBD and quality carrier oil like MCT).  You don’t need a bunch of fillers with quality oil.
  4. Light yellow/golden in color.
  5. Processed with CO2 processing to maintain the highest quality plant materials in processing.

WHY does CBD Scientifically Work in the Human Body?

Between 1988 and 1993 scientists discovered the ECS (Endocannabindoid System) with the CB1 Receptor in the brain (Cannabinoid Receptor) and CB2 in our bodies. The ECS has been scientifically proven to be “in charge” of your bodies’ organs, immune system, brain functions, inflammatory system and pain receptors.

This ECS must have a variety of phytocannabinoids to interact with these Receptors, in order to keep the body functioning properly and in a state of balance and well-being. Due to environmental factors, processed foods, synthetic meds, GMOs and foods depleted of nutrients, most people’s bodies today do NOT produce enough phytocannabinoids to keep the ECS in balance. This is where CBD and other cannabinoids come into play. When we fill our receptors back up with quality cannabinoids, our bodies can work in perfect harmony as they were intended.  This is why a quality oil works SO WELL for a variety of health and wellness issues. The ECS is a highly sophisticated system that will absorb the cannabinoids it needs and expel what it doesn’t. 

In a nutshell, the ECS works like a machine on a factory line, keeping everything running smoothly and in working order.

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