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Cannabis Indica speeds up Recovery from Coronavirus

4 Things to Know About the FDA’s CBD Guidance
December 20, 2019

What is it about?

Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) is a viral respiratory disease caused by the SARS coronavirus (SARS-CoV). As of 2017, there is no cure or protective vaccine for SARS that has been shown to be both safe and e ective in humans. Curing coronavirus infection prevents clinical SARS. Cannabis indica speeds up recovery. Recovered individuals do not infect others

Why is it important?

Phytocannabinoids (Cannabinoids) are the naturally occurring cannabinoids found in the cannabis plan. Two plants Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica Their resins contain hundreds of cannabinoids

Cannabis Sativa also has THC and Cannabis Indica also has CBD. Unfortunately extracts of both plants are called medical marijuana. I recommend only cannabis indica extracts which are not psychoactive


“ Cannabis indica resin is antiviral and inhibits cell proliferation ”                                                                                                            ”

Prof Gershom Zajicek Hebrew University of Jerusalem